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Good old fashioned phone call

We live in such a digital world these days and the temptation is there to send and email but there's nothing wrong with picking up the phone.

The amount of buyers that are surprised when I call them is astonishing. Everyday I will have several home buyers tel me that I'm the only agent that has given them a call and all the other agents have just emailed them.

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I've always felt that it's important to build relationships with the buyers in the marketplace and I'm sure we would all agree that a relationship is not formed over email. During a quick phone call with a home seeker I can identify and qualify so many important points as follows

1) Do they finance pre-approval

2) Are they ready to buy now or just researching

3) Is this property the right fit for the buyer

4) What would be best suited to them

You might be wondering why I take them time to address these few important questions. As real estate agents we need to be more then order takers and be deal makers. Our goal is to achieve the highest possible price in the quickest possible time and get a deal done with the best possible buyer.

If you don't know who you're working with how would it be possible to ensure that you're achieving these goals for your client. Something important to consider is, if you have two people and one of them is finance ready and the house is perfect match to what they're looking for and the other hasn't seen the bank yet and the property meets some of their criteria which one do you think would offer the highest price?

There's alot more then meets the eye when it comes to being a real estate agent and there's certainly a difference between an average agent and an excellent agent.

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