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The mailbox project

Is filling letterboxes in your area the best strategy for building community awareness or is there a better way?

I've recently moved to a new area and have been collecting all the pamphlets from the real estate agents and I might be biased but I've been really disappointed with what I've been seeing.

“You might want to consider an alternative strategy and perhaps social media as a genuine alternative”

It seems that all the agents in the area are following the same template and it's really difficult to see a point of difference between each of the agents or the brands.

Provide Relevant Content

I'm not saying that letterbox drops shouldn't be undertaken but I believe that it's important to provide the community with useful information in addition to some content that portrays personality and a genuine point of difference.

Alternative Approach

You might want to consider an alternative strategy and perhaps social media is a genuine alternative because it gives you an opportunity to speak with the community in a richer way that is more engaging then templates words on a page.

Some points to consider are as follows:

1) Does the community actually care about the content, is it relevant

2) What value do you bring to their lives other then "Do you want to sell" today

3) Why would the community choose you over someone else

I regularly provide the community with information about our business and the local real estate market through letterbox drops but I always strive to hit on these points otherwise the content is disinterring and it just makes in from the letterbox straight to the bin.

There's so many occasions that I've visited a home and noticed content that the information that I have provided to them is on the fridge or the coffee table and it's taken a long time to develop this strategy effectively however I suggest that you take your own mailbox project to see the difference in outcomes.

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